Monday, 6 August 2012

Pretty Peacock

On Sunday my lovely hubby treated me to lunch at a new mexican place we had heard good things about as well as a few new polishes for my ever growing collection. Lunch was good but as this is a nail blog I am guessing you want to hear about the polishes rather than the tasty food.

These beautiful peacock inspired nails were created with two polishes from the H&M collection called Blue My Mind and Come Along With Me.

I will admit that I had a very hard time capturing the true gorgeousness of these colours as my camera just could not cope! I stamped the peacock design using Barry M Gold Foil with the design taken from BM 212.

I found these polishes a little hard to work with, the formula was not an issue but the shape of the lid meant the brush was hard to manoeuvre and almost blocked the view of my nail at times. These polishes retail for only £2.99 each and I would still consider them a worth while addition to my stash.

Here are a couple of pictures taken in direct sunlight to try and capture the differences between the two colours.

This bottle is Blue My Mind

This bottle is Come Along With Me
As you can see I painted alternate nails - Index and Ring have a base colour of Blue My Mind, whilst Middle and Little have a base colour of Come Along With Me. I then added contrasting dots in the opposite colour to create the 'eye' effect seen in peacock feathers.

I really love this look and got lots of compliments at work today.

Louise xx


  1. I always pickup these polishes in H&M but they never make it to the till with me. They're gorgeous and I wish I didn't have to be so picky with what I buy now (my helmer is full lol). The stamping is gorgeous as well and I really like the design. Might have to get the 2011 plates now! :-)

    1. Thanks Anna. As you know I love your blog so it means a lot to me that you have taken the time to post me a comment :). I love the 2011 bundle plates - definately worth the purchase if you love to stamp.

  2. Love the blue, really pretty. x


  3. I love these, absolutely gorgeous

    Samantha xx