Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Pink Lily

Recently a popular monthly magazine was available with a free nail polish attached to the front cover. This particular nail polish is a new brand to me but I instantly fell in love with the beautiful bottles. The brand is called Ciate and the polishes retail for £9 each. I then realised that the magazine actually had three different shades to give away which meant in true crazy nail polish lady style I had to buy exactly the same magazine three times to ensure I had all available shades. I reassured myself that this was in fact sensible shopping as to buy the three magazines cost me £11.25 where as to buy the three Ciate polishes without the magazines it would have cost me £27. That in my mind is positively a bargain!

In direct sunlight
This shade is called Jelly Bean (cute name) and is a bright pink creme polish which has a subtle blue shimmer making this cool toned on your nail. The shimmer is very obvious in the bottle but does not translate either to your nail or in the pictures.

Beautiful bottle

Jelly Bean swatch

I stamped this full lily design using Barry M Gold Foil and stamping plate BM 225. I am really happy with the results and looking forward to using the other two 'bargain' polishes I have from the Ciate collection.

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Louise xx

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  1. Ha ha like the justification for buying the magazine. x