Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sleeping Palace Skittlette

Happy Wednesday lovelies

Tonight I am going to show you how I 'dressed up' my beautiful Sleeping Palace swatch. I'm not in love with this finished look but take a quick look and see what you think...

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Swatch: Sleeping Palace

Good evening lovelies

A bit of a late post from me as I'm only just home from a long day working in our sister company which is just over two hours away. Never mind at least I'm home now. I have been waiting for glorious sunshine to show you the next a-England polish from the stunning new Burne-Jones collection.

This is Sleeping Palace...

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sally Hansen: Swatch Spam

Happy Sunday lovelies

Time for a little bit of Sunday swatch spam :-)

These are my new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes that I just couldn't resist showcasing as a stand alone post.

Each colour has a great formula, required two coats and dried in super quick time. I would definitely buy more colours from this collection, especially if I found them in Poundland again!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Polka Dots and Bows: Peach nails

Happy Friday lovelies

I have decided that this weekend calls for some bright and fun nail art. As I was looking through my ever growing pile of new polishes to swatch I was drawn to this pretty peach from Avon. Although it is quite a pale pastel shade I knew it would make a great base for some eye popping art.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Leopard Print nails: Summer colours

Good evening lovelies

Just a quick post tonight as I am rushing in the door from a sales conference and then back out again for a team night out at a local comedy club.

I loved the idea of these nails as I planned the colours in my head but I didnt like them once I was finished...

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Red Nails with Chalk Dust topper

Happy Wednesday lovelies

Mid way through the week already! It has been a busy one for me as work is crazy busy and I also have something planned for each evening this week too. I will be glad to get a rest on Saturday :-).

Due to my busy week I thought it appropriate to go for simple yet effective nails...

Monday, 22 July 2013

Loves Me Not Filigree Nails

Happy Monday lovelies
How was your weekend? We had such a busy one but it was all really good fun. Unfortunately the weather was not as amazing as we had hoped but that didnt stop us and we went ahead and either hosted or attended the BBQ's we had originally planned. On Sunday evening the weather recovered and the sun finally came out so we were able to sit outside and enjoy ice-cream :-).

Regular follows will know how much I adored Sally Hansen Loves Me Not the first time I wore it so I was excited to wear it again with one of my all time favourite stamped patterns.

The original swatch post can be seen here.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Fated Prince Skittlette nails

Happy Friday lovelies!

Mr LiPP and I (mostly Mr LiPP) are hosting a BBQ tonight for a few of his friends from work. Just a small gathering but we are really looking forward to relaxing after a long week at work with some good friends and some good food.

As I mentioned in my swatch post from yesterday I could hardly bring myself to cover over this beautiful polish, Fated Prince by a-England,  with nail art so I opted for a simple skittlette style :-)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Swatch: Fated Prince

Good evening lovelies

We are slowly getting towards the weekend and I cannot wait... we have not one, not two but three BBQ's to attend this weekend plus a whole host of other fun things planned with friends and family. The forecast is bright sunshine, blue skies and hot, hot, hot! :-)

With all this sunshine I have been able to get some fantastic daylight pictures of my new holo polishes.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Rose Bower Skittlette nails

Good evening lovelies

As promised tonight I am going to show you the skittlette I created to show off the true beauty of my new favourite polish... Rose Bower by a-England.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Swatch: Rose Bower

Good evening lovelies

I am in love with this colour. Adina you have outdone yourself this time! Rose Bower is AMAZING!!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Green and Tribal Nails

Good evening lovelies

Did you all enjoy your weekends? I had the pleasure of a four day weekend to spend quality time with Mr LiPP for our wedding anniversary. We were so lucky with the weather (although it got a little too hot for hubby and the puppies), it meant we could BBQ, dog walk, sit outside and of course enjoy the odd beer garden in the evenings.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pink with Zebra Accent

Good morning lovelies

What do you all have planned for this super sunny Sunday? The weather is just amazing at the moment and I love it even more that it means I can get some great natural light nail pictures! These pics are so much better than anything I can take inside in my light box.

Today I am showing you one of four recent limited edition polishes from the Barry M range. I got this one free from Superdrug when I purchased a couple of the new Gelly's.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Purple nails with Paisley

Good evening lovelies

I almost didn't want to cover this fantastic colour up with my nail art but after an hour or two I decided to use one of my all time favourite stamp designs in a nice complimentary colour.

The base colour is Plum Power by Sally Hansen. I love this colour so much that I dedicated a whole post to it yesterday which really does not happen very often here on LiPP.

Using my most trusty of all stamping polishes - Barry M Silver Foil - I stamped the perfect paisley print from Bundle Monster plate BM 315.

This colour absolutely makes me want to wear purple more than I would usually and what can I say about this stamp other than its paisley perfection.

As I mentioned yesterday today is our 5th Wedding Anniversary so we are off celebrating and spending lots of time together on nice walks and no doubt eating good food :-)

Lou xx

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Swatch: Plum Power

Good evening lovelies

I've got a simple and quick post for you tonight. This fabulous colour was just too good to not share with you as a dedicated swatch post. For you viewing pleasure is Plum Power...

Purple is a colour I dont reach for all too often so when I saw this lone little bottle on the shelf in my local Poundland I couldnt resist and I am glad I didnt.  The application was flawless and the colour, particularly in sunlight, is stunning! I especially love the pink and purple glass flecks that translate really well from the bottle straight to the nail.

Check back soon to see how I finished this off with some simple stamping :-)

It's our Wedding Anniversary tomorrow so we have a couple of days off work to spend some quality time together and really spoil each other. Cant wait!

Lou xx

Monday, 8 July 2013

One Year Blogiversary

Good morning lovelies

I can hardly believe it but today is my one year blogging anniversary!! I had no idea when I put my first post live that I would still be going strong one year later and that my love for all things nail polish would just grow and grow. I have made some good friends through the blogging community and I love being a part of it all.

Here are my celebratory nails... :-)

For this manicure I started with two coats on each nail of a limited edition Barry M polish I recently picked up in Superdrug. I have a full review of this polish coming up later in the week so for now I will just say that it is a gorgeous shade of pink and has a wonderful 'squishy' jelly finish.

For my ring accent finger I added two thick coats of W7 Multi Dazzle. This polish is the perfect glitter bomb and contains every possible colour you could think of. The coverage is really good at two coats but you would need three or four to make it fully opaque.

On my little finger I stamped a single birthday cupcake using Konad White and on my index finger I stamped the full cupcake plate design straight from plate GA 38.

Lastly using Barry M Nail Art Pen in White I added the number 1 to my middle finger.

Happy One Year Blogiversary to Me! Thank you to all my fantastic followers and friends, I still enjoy blogging now as much as I did then and that is thanks to all of you who take the time to comment on each post or contact me via email or Instagram :-)

Lou xx

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Grey and Pink nails: I Heart

Good evening lovelies

I hope you are having a lovely weekend? Just a quick post from me tonight showcasing this very simple little mani. It didnt turn out quite as I wanted but I thought I would show you anyway :-).

I started with three thin coats of pale grey from No 7 called Winter Tale. I am a sucker for a pale or dove grey polish and even more so when it only cost £2 with a voucher.

For the hearts and lace design I reached for Barry M Pink Foil, the pattern is from my lovely new Pueen plates - number 27.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends - dont forget the sunscreen tomorrow... its going to be hot hot hot! :-)

Lou xx

Friday, 5 July 2013

Blue and Yellow Flower nails

Happy Friday lovelies

Just as I moaned that we havent seen any sunshine yet we are apparently at the beginning of a mini heatwave! Two weeks of sunshine are predicted with Sunday set to be an absolute scorcher! I cannot wait, it makes the weekends so much more enjoyable when you can spend time outside, not to mention its a great opportunity to break out the summer wardrobe!

I just had to do a summery bright manicure to match the upcoming forecast :-)

I started with two easier than easy coats of Barry M Gelly in Guava on all nails except my ring finger. Guava is the brightest turquoise I have in my polish collection and I love it! I have been wearing it on my toes for the past few weeks and it still looks perfect.

On my ring finger I used two coats of Almost Famous by Color Club topped with one sparkly coat of Daisy Does also by Color Club. Almost Famous is a gorgeous bright yellow that as with every other yellow I own applied streaky. After two coats I could still see streaks so I reached for Daisy Does and applied a nice thick coat as a topper. Daisy Does has a yellow base and contains lots of yellow and gold glass flecks.

For the finishing touches I carefully applied one small square yellow rhinestone to each of the turquoise nails and over the yellow ring finger I stamped a simple flower design using the same turquoise polish - Barry M Guava.

This below picture was taken with the forced flash on so you can really see the pretty glass flecks in the yellow Daisy Does polish.

I hope you all have fantastic weekends - no doubt mine will involve nail polish as I had some fantastic nail mail arrive today :-)

Lou xx

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Owl Nails Skittlette

Happy July to you all!

Where does time go? More than half way though the year... we are yet to have summer in the UK (where are you sunshine?!) but on the plus side my family has booked our Christmas Day lunch! Not kidding, you have to book early to get a table for 10 people :-).

I love this manicure for obvious reasons... it has black polish, it has glitter but most importantly it has OWLS!

I started with a base of NYC City Blackout on my index and middle fingers. On my ring finger is my 'recycled' accent nail from a previous manicure and on my little finger is two easy coats of Barry M Gelly in Passion Fruit.

City Blackout was a little on the thin side but evened out nicely and you really cannot grumble at the £1.99 price point! Using Barry M Silver Foil I then stamped this most adorable owl print from plate Pueen 40. I have used this image to make myself some lovely nail polish rings but this is the first time I have used it on my nails!

On my little finger is Passion Fruit by Barry M. This is one of the latest colours to be released and as with all the others it has the most perfect highly pigmented formula. Passion Fruit is described as a neon coral but to me its definitely more red with an orange undertone.

I added a cute black heart shaped ring stone to my little finger for the finishing touch.

I was really pleased with this owl inspired skittlette, people at work were not so complimentary as this seemed to be an accent nail too many for most! :-)

Enjoy your evening

Lou xx