Sunday, 26 August 2012

Matching Mani Pedi

**Warning this post contains pedicure pictures**

This post is a new venture for me for two reasons. The first being that I am reviewing nail wraps rather than nail polish and the second being that I have included pictures of my toes! I promise it is justified and done solely for the purpose of showing just how amazing these nail wraps really are.

I have used nail wraps on my toes before (pre the launch of this blog) and was amazed at how easy they were to apply and at how long they stayed on. They survived eveything from a girly weekend in Marbs where my toes were crammed into five inch heels for hours of dancing to being back home in my walking boots for hours of doggy playtime at the marshes. I finally and reluctantly removed the wraps yesterday as they just wouldnt fall off!

These fabulous neon animal print nail wraps are by Nail Rock and I purchased them in TK Maxx as part of a recent small haul. They are perfect for summer and I only wish I had got them earlier in the year so I could have made the most of them in any fleeting moments of sunshine we did have.

The nails wraps come in a pack of 16 so of course once I had finished my pedicure I had 6 left over and decided to create a few accent nails and break out the flourescent polishes to finish the manicure off.

I am so pleased with this look and the fact that you have enough wraps left over to create a matching accent manicure is just the cherry on the cake for me!

For the non wrap nails I used W7 polishes - Flourescent Orange, Black and Neon Yellow. The application of W7 polishes is really good and considering I picked these up for £2 each they are a welcome addition to my slightly out of control polish collection.

I hope you can forgive me for publishing pictures of my toes - it was all in the art of blogging I promise!

In summary, these wraps are easy to apply, great value for money, incredibly eye catching and I would recommend them to anyone.

Thanks for reading

Louise xx


  1. 'Slightly out of control polish collection' They have their own room !!!!!

    Love the effect, just need more sunshine to get the toes out.

  2. I ADORE these nails Mini....I want them :-) xxx

  3. OH MY GOSH! Thank you so much for referring me to your post AND sorry about the delayed comment.
    I absolutely love the nailwraps, what you did with them and the matchy-matchyness of it all.
    (I will also venture to say that I adore your tattoos)... I have on on my inner wrist and would love to get one on my opposite foot! :D
    Totally awesome post!