Friday, 30 November 2012

Black & Gold Skittlette

Happy Friday lovelies!

I love the weekends! Tonight we are having our first of several Christmas meals. We will be dining at Loch Fyne with six of our close friends and I cant wait. We booked it several months ago and have already picked our food so all that is left to do is drink fine wine and enjoy ourselves!

Saturday we will be wrapping our Christmas presents and drinking a large amount of Baileys as is traditional in our house! Then on Sunday we are meeting up with lots more of our friends to go for a roast dinner to celebrate Tasha's birthday. Busy but fun.

Onto my NOTD... Black and Gold is such a great combo

For my little finger and thumb nails I used Barry M Gold Mine Glitter. It is the first time I have used this and I love it. Easy to apply and very effective.

 For my ring finger I painted the base with two coats of W7 Black and then stamped this gorgeous and detailed lily flower design using Barry M Gold Foil. The design is from plate BM 314.

Now here is where I admit to a nail fail :-(. I originally painted my index and middle fingers with three coats of OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons and then stamped the below filigree scroll design using Konad Black. Unfortunately even though I left it to dry for 35 minutes and ran both nails under cold water to 'set' the design they still smudged terribly. Why does Seche Vite hate Konad polish so much?

I couldn't leave it looking all sad and smudgey like that so I quickly removed those two nails and returned to my trusty W7 Black and simple gold studs for added detail.

So how do you like my black and gold skittlette? I think it looks classy :-)

I will return to that beautiful filigree scroll design in the near future

Have fantastic weekends everyone

Louise xx

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Should Blue and Green Be Seen?

Happy Thursday!

My weekend starts here as I have Friday off on holiday... :-)

We have got so many fantastic plans for the weekend which I will tell you a little more about tomorrow night but in the meantime... should blue and green never be seen?

Has anyone else heard this little wives tale or quote? I can remember as I was growing up my Mum telling me that as I have bright green eyes I should never wear blue eye make up, hence me thinking that blue and green should never be seen.

I love this mani though...

I started with a base of Revlon Ocean which is a frost finish light teal. This was mega easy to apply and dried in super quick time. I am really impressed with my three new Revlon polishes.

I then stamped this simple geometric design using Barry M Denim. Super simple but very eye catching. My Nan loved it and even asked my Grandad if he would like her to wear her nails in this colour combo! Cute!

Revlon Ocean swatch
I usually steer clear of the more geometric designs as I prefer the girly flowery kind but on this occasion and with these two colours, I think it was the perfect combination :-)

Take care

Louise xx

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Rose for a Rose

Good evening lovelies!

How are we all doing so far this week? It is my Grandad's birthday this week so we are having some family over for tea for a little mid week celebration. I am doing us a nice chicken curry in the slow cooker as it takes the stress out of being stuck in the kitchen all night - plus the house will smell lovely as soon as I walk in the door! Got to love the slow cooker. Anyway onto my nail of the day...

I started with two super easy coats of Revlon Guava (coral pink) and Revlon Hazy (soft grey). These are my first Revlon polishes and I was very excited to find them in a set of three during a recent TK Maxx haul.

Then using Konad White I stamped a large single rose on each of the pink nails using plate BM 14 and one of myall time favourite prints of roses and vines from Konad M65 on the grey accent nail.

I mentioned recently that I was looking for my perfect pale grey - Is this it? Do you think I have found it?

Two little white roses for my thumb nail...

I am loving this look - the two colours work really well togethe. I am looking forward to showing you the third polish from the set, Revlon Ocean, which is a shimmery blue/green foil.

Take care

Louise xx

Monday, 26 November 2012

Mirrorball - Disco Inferno

I have another of the gorgeous and sparkly Models Own Mirrorball polishes to show you tonight... this one is called Disco Inferno.

So much glitter... this Models Own frosting has shards of gold glitter with bronze hex glitters and lots of gold, bronze and green round glitters in varying sizes.

I added just one layer of Disco Inferno over W7 Black and Barry M Matt White so you can see the full effect of its prettiness.

(Burn baby burn) Disco Inferno
(Burn baby burn) Burn that mother down
(Burn baby burn) Disco Inferno
(Burn baby burn) Burn that mother down

I think if I layered this over deep red or forest green it would actually look very Christmassy!

So far I have shown you three of the Mirrorball polishes... keep checking back for the other two very soon :-)

Louise xx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Purple Mix Up

Good evening ladies. Did you all having fantastic weekends?

I got a very exciting delivery on Saturday morning - one that I had somehow managed to forget I was expecting... 24 bottles of polish from a collection called London Girl!

So tonight I am showing you my first choice polish from this collection which unusually for me is purple.

This is two coats of London Girl Purple with an accent nail of one coat of Barry M Lilac Foil on my ring finger. I used the butterfly stamp from BM 205 for my first two fingers and then some co-ordinating square rhinestones for the next two.

I cannot tell you how amazing this looked in real life - the purple was so camera shy that I just could not do it justice. It actually has a really pretty metallic shimmer that reminds me of the purple quality street chocolate :-).

Louise xx

Friday, 23 November 2012

Love for Lava Flow

Happy Friday to everyone!

I am so looking forward to the weekend... chilling out, eating good (naughty) food, drinking some nicely chilled wine and spending quality time with my loved ones. Perfect!

Here is my Friday Feeling manicure... a skittlette using my newly purchased W7 Lava Flow.

I started by painting three nails with two coats of W7 Lava Flow. As you will see this is basically Salt n Pepper but with added red sparkly bits! Easy to apply and dries quickly - two slicks of top coat made this glossy and smooth to the touch (no nitty gritty)

Using W7 Black and W7 Red I created two different but complimenting accent nails.

Finally I added some square rhinestones to the accent nails - the perfect finishing touch, dont you think?

Which one is you favourite - Salt n Pepper or Lava Flow?

Another sneaky peek of Salt n Pepper

Hope you have fantastic weekends - what are you up to?

Louise xx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Funky Giraffe

Good evening ladies. I hope you are well?

Tonight I am showing you a quick manicure that I managed to squeeze in just before my sister and I go away on another road trip for work! This time we are in Manchester for a trade show.

I really didnt know if I could make this combination work but I am glad I tried as I love it! Its so eye catching and I got lots of lovely compliments :-)

I started with three coats of the very pretty Barry M Peach Melba. I am sure this colour would feature in my top ten favourite polishes (if I was ever forced to make a list!)

I then stamped this funky giraffe print using Konad Special Polish in Psyche Pink. I was a little disappointed that this looked patchy on my photographs as in real life you could not see through the pink so much. I also thought buying the special stamping polishes by Konad would avoid any issues but not on this occasion.

Still I dont want to complain too much about this Psyche Pink as it is stunning! Who would have thought that it co-ordinates in such a pretty way with Peach?

This giraffe stamp can be found on plate BM 313. I guess it is also a croc effect print...?

Take care

Louise xx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Love for Salt n Pepper

I would like to show you something a little different today. This look combines black glitter set in a white polish base topped with a fimo slice, the end result is one quite striking manicure (even if I do say so myself!)

This little beauty is W7 Salt n Pepper. As you can see from these pictures this polish has an off white base and is packed to the brim with black glitter particles. It applies perfectly in two coats and is like a ready made glitter sandwich!

I then added just one pre cut fimo slice to my ring finger. Doesn't it just set this polish off nicely?

I am so pleased I finally added Salt n Pepper to my polish collection. At the same time I also purchased another one from this range called Lava Flow, its similar to Salt n Pepper but has the addition of bright red glitter particles. I look forward to posting the swatches soon :-)

Louise xx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Blackened Bleu

Good evening lovelies

Tonight I have a sparkly little number to show you... this colour has been in my untrieds for a while as I really wanted to wear it and take pictures in some good natural light. I managed to take some lovely swatch pictures outside, but the final version complete with nail art had to be taken inside as the light had faded by then.

This sometimes black and sometimes blue polish looked gorgeous...

For the above look I used three coats of Barielle Blackened Bleu and then stamped just my ring finger using Barry M Silver Foil and the small floral pattern from plate M77. I add just two little blue rhinestones to pick out the gorgeous blue glitter hiding in the black jelly base of this polish.

These two swatch pictures were taken outside in natural daylight - the shimmer was amazing.

These two pictures were taken indoors with my daylight bulb and black background. Still amazing :-)

This colour looked really classy and was a real eye catcher, I will definitely turn it this again and again.

Louise xx

Monday, 19 November 2012

Movember Nail Art

As we are now more than half way through Movember I thought it about time I show my support as the wife of a Mo Bro to all those men out there who are busily styling moustaches and raising money for a fantastic cause.  The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. For more information please visit Movember UK.
Mr LiPP is sporting a rather impressive moustache and has raised a fantastic £300 so far! Whilst facial hair is not my cup of tea, I do support my husbands decision to be involved in this charitable month and I am proud of him for raising so much money.

For this manicure I started with three thin coats of NYC Lavendar Cupcake. A really pretty lilac that I had forgotten how much I liked until I used it tonight.

Using my black nail art pen I free handed the moustaches onto my ring finger and thumb. Considering free hand is not my thing I am pleased with how they turned out - Cute!!

Then using Barry M Lilac Foil I added these wood effect stripes using BM 309 to just my index and middle fingers... still loving the Skittlette mani :-)

Purple heart rhinestones were the perfect addition to these two nails and it finished them off nicely

Finally for my little finger I decided to keep it simple and add a layer of Barry M Lavender Hex. It contains lots of very reflective lilac square glitters not to mention the millions of lilac micro glitters that are set into the clear base. Super pretty!

Congratulations to all you money raising men out there - great job for a truly worthy cause.

Louise xx