Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sleeping Palace Skittlette

Happy Wednesday lovelies

Tonight I am going to show you how I 'dressed up' my beautiful Sleeping Palace swatch. I'm not in love with this finished look but take a quick look and see what you think...

As you can see I used used Barry M Silver Foil to stamp a very full cover Fleur de Lys design. I much prefer the stamping designs that do not cover so much of my base colour but this one made a nice change.

On my little finger I added one very easy coat of amazing silver glitter which is also by a-England, this one is called Merlin.

Lastly on my index and ring fingers I added three super simple silver studs... Done !

Do you like this look? Do you prefer the kind of stamps I usually work with that are not as full in coverage and allow more of the base colour to show through?

Lou xx


  1. This is really pretty! Like you, I like the stamps that just add a touch of detail but I defo like this full covered look, too!

    1. Thanks. The more I look at the pictures the more I'm very glad this mani didn't last the day. Less is more when it comes to stamping ;) x