Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Swatch: Plum Power

Good evening lovelies

I've got a simple and quick post for you tonight. This fabulous colour was just too good to not share with you as a dedicated swatch post. For you viewing pleasure is Plum Power...

Purple is a colour I dont reach for all too often so when I saw this lone little bottle on the shelf in my local Poundland I couldnt resist and I am glad I didnt.  The application was flawless and the colour, particularly in sunlight, is stunning! I especially love the pink and purple glass flecks that translate really well from the bottle straight to the nail.

Check back soon to see how I finished this off with some simple stamping :-)

It's our Wedding Anniversary tomorrow so we have a couple of days off work to spend some quality time together and really spoil each other. Cant wait!

Lou xx

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