Friday, 19 July 2013

Fated Prince Skittlette nails

Happy Friday lovelies!

Mr LiPP and I (mostly Mr LiPP) are hosting a BBQ tonight for a few of his friends from work. Just a small gathering but we are really looking forward to relaxing after a long week at work with some good friends and some good food.

As I mentioned in my swatch post from yesterday I could hardly bring myself to cover over this beautiful polish, Fated Prince by a-England,  with nail art so I opted for a simple skittlette style :-)

On my index finger I used a new stamping plate from Konad, the pattern reminds me of palm tree leaves. I used Barry M Gold Foil as the stamping colour to compliment the warm toned shimmers in the holographic base of Fated Prince.

The below picture was taken in the shade. You can see from the contrast between the above and below pictures just how much the sunshine plays with the holo's! Fated Prince is of course still beautiful in the shade but I am extra grateful that the sun came out while I was taking these pictures :-).

On my middle and ring finger nails I decided to keep it ultra simple and just add three small gold studs to each nail. This is one of my favourite ways to wear studs and again they play beautifully with the colours in Fated Prince.

Finally on my little finger I added one quick coat of Ebony Rainbow glitter by Barielle. Unfortunately on this occasion I picked a colour that ended up being too similar to the base so you cannot really see the full effect of the glitter. Trust me, it is there!

Sunshine picture below...

Are you in love with the first two polishes I have shown from the a-England Burne-Jones collection? I most definitely am!!

Have wonderful weekends all

Lou xx


  1. Beautiful mani and gorgeous polish! I looked for the Barielle set you got when we were in Ipswich yesterday visiting Uni. They didn't have it though :(. Oh well, saved me some money lol xx

    1. I'm doing my best to steer clear of TK Maxx at the moment as I'm on a no buy! I just can't resist tho :)

  2. I love the one with stamping. I find it unique and I so love the design. A must try mani.

    1. Thanks Jessica. I will use this stamp again as its so pretty :)