Thursday, 4 July 2013

Owl Nails Skittlette

Happy July to you all!

Where does time go? More than half way though the year... we are yet to have summer in the UK (where are you sunshine?!) but on the plus side my family has booked our Christmas Day lunch! Not kidding, you have to book early to get a table for 10 people :-).

I love this manicure for obvious reasons... it has black polish, it has glitter but most importantly it has OWLS!

I started with a base of NYC City Blackout on my index and middle fingers. On my ring finger is my 'recycled' accent nail from a previous manicure and on my little finger is two easy coats of Barry M Gelly in Passion Fruit.

City Blackout was a little on the thin side but evened out nicely and you really cannot grumble at the £1.99 price point! Using Barry M Silver Foil I then stamped this most adorable owl print from plate Pueen 40. I have used this image to make myself some lovely nail polish rings but this is the first time I have used it on my nails!

On my little finger is Passion Fruit by Barry M. This is one of the latest colours to be released and as with all the others it has the most perfect highly pigmented formula. Passion Fruit is described as a neon coral but to me its definitely more red with an orange undertone.

I added a cute black heart shaped ring stone to my little finger for the finishing touch.

I was really pleased with this owl inspired skittlette, people at work were not so complimentary as this seemed to be an accent nail too many for most! :-)

Enjoy your evening

Lou xx

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