Thursday, 18 July 2013

Swatch: Fated Prince

Good evening lovelies

We are slowly getting towards the weekend and I cannot wait... we have not one, not two but three BBQ's to attend this weekend plus a whole host of other fun things planned with friends and family. The forecast is bright sunshine, blue skies and hot, hot, hot! :-)

With all this sunshine I have been able to get some fantastic daylight pictures of my new holo polishes.

This beautiful polish is called Fated Prince and is one of five pretties from the latest a-England collection called Burne-Jones Dream. I dont think I have ever loved five new polishes (three of which I am yet to even wear) as much as these!

Taken from the a-England website: Fated Prince... 'The tempered steel of hero's blade'. A mysterious grey base hue with deep olive undertones, throwing off valiant prismatic flashes to herald the arrival of a certain destiny.

This gorgeous polish is a mixture of grey and olive as the base tones with so much holographic shimmer that I couldnt begin to name the colours! I went out to run a few errands while I was wearing this swatch and the cashier actually grabbed my hand and pulled it closer to her face so she could get a better look at the holo! I had to write down the name of the polish for her so she could look it up later :-).

I could not bring myself to cover this beautiful swatch with too much nail art so check back tomorrow to see how I wore Fated Prince after a day or so of enjoying it alone.

Lou xx


  1. This is such a beautiful polish! I've still not had the chance to try A-England yet and I must! Everything is paired wonderfully :) I hope you had a great time at your BBQ! xx

    1. Everyone needs this polish in their lives ;) xx