Monday, 16 July 2012

Will it be... a Boy or a Girl?

We are soon to become Auntie and Uncle for the 4th time as Craig's sister Vicky only has two weeks left until her due date. Vic and Kei decided to not find out the sex of the baby before the birth so this manicure is dedicated to our excitement of finding out when junior finally arrives! Of course we are 100% happy either way but this manicure is just a little bit of fun inspired by the bottle print on new plate BM 307.

Firstly the girl nail art. Many colours and plates were used so I will provide a quick summary and if you would like anymore detail then just drop me a note in the comment facility below.

Index - Barry M Bright Pink, stamped using Konad White with flower print on BM 224
Middle - Barry M Stawberry Icecream, stamped using Color Club Hot Like Lava with the bottle and heart print on BM 307
Ring - Barry M Pink Flamingo, stamped using Konad White with the heart design on BM 317
Little - Barry M Shocking Pink, stamped using Konad White with the teddy bear design on BM 312
Thumb - Essie Marshmallow, stamped with Color Club Hot Like Lava using the flower corner on BM 316

I love all these pretty pinks together and would definately wear a skittle mani with them as base colours again in the future. What do you think?

Now onto the boy nail art. Again this is heavily centred around my love for Barry M nail polishes. I have so many blues that I had a hard job just picking 5!

Index - Barry M Cyan Blue, stamped with Konad White using the bottle and hearts design on BM 307
Middle - Barry M Turquoise, stamped with W7 Black using the smiley faces design on BM 304
Ring - Barry M Cobalt Blue, stamped with Konad White using the hearts design on BM 317
Little - Barry M Blue Moon, stamped with Color Club Cold Metal using the star design on BM 21
Thumb - Essie (the unknown beige), stamped with Barry M Denim using the square design on BM 320

These blues look super cool together and again make a great base for a skittle mani. Look out for it in the future as I am dying to call it the Barry Blues!

Not long until baby arrives and then I will design a manicure to honour his or her name.

Good Luck Vic and Kei - cant wait for the call to tell us 'its time'!!

Louise xx


  1. Love this :) the girls nails are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Faye H - glad you like them. Looking forward to our up and coming nail night :) xx

  2. Omg I love them both soooo much thanks :-))
    What a clever idea n design the colours n patterns on both are lush! Cnt wait for our baby to arrive now n then av a manicure dedicated for them :-) love u auntie Lou thanks love bump and Vic x x x

    1. So glad you love them :). Had lots of fun designing them and would love to do your nails soon xx

  3. Wow mini they are absolutely fab, you really are quite the professional. xx

  4. These are truly amazing!!!

    I need to come and have my nails done by you !!!

    Love you xxxxx

  5. So cute! I really love both version (and your blog, too)! :)
    Have a nice day!

  6. Oh my gosh these are sooo super cute!!!!!
    The skittles turned out great!