Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Anniversary Nail Polish Haul!

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary! We have taken the rest of the week off work to spend some real quality time together and I'm loving every second. Our story is one of true love at first sight. We were engaged after 3 weeks, we had booked our wedding after 6 weeks and we were married by the time we had been together 10 months. Happy to report we are still as crazy about each other 4 years later.

I will get around to posting pics of the mani I designed to celebrate our anniversary today but until then I thought I would share some pictures of the massive nail polish haul I got today! I would have stopped at just one color club collection but hubby insisted I buy more as he thought I would regret it if not! He is such a bad influence when I'm shopping.

These are my first Color Club nail polishes as it is an American brand and not readily available in the UK. TK Maxx saves the day! The collections sell for the seriously cheap price of £7.99 for 6 colours and 1 top or base coat. An absolute bargain when you realise that eBay sellers are charging £7.25 for just one Color Club polish in the UK.

This is the Back to Boho collection A. The contents in order of the picture are Nomadic in Nude, Earthy Angel, New Bohemian, Shabby Drab, Rad Nomad, Red-ical Gypsey and Stuck On You Basecoat. I cannot wait to try these out and am sure I will feature at least a few of these very soon.

Back to Boho A
Please meet the Color Club Foiled collection. My main reason for buying these is that a foil polish has never let me down when it comes to stamping but I currently only use gold and silver from Barry M Foil Effects range. This Color Club collection includes a gorgeous green, a bold blue and an in your face fuschia pink. Colours in order of the picture are: Antiquated, Hot Like Lava, Cold Metal, Foil Me Once, Perfect Mol-ten, Lumin-Icecent and Top Coat.

Next up... Essie. Only recently made available in the UK, they retail at £8 each so although my wishlist grows, my actual collection was 2 until today. These colours were purchased in a pack for only £9.99 but I am afraid I only know the official names for two of them. Beige - Unknown, Green - Sew Psyched. Orange/Red - Alligator Purse. I will definately be back at TK Maxx looking for more Essie's in the future as these are used in all American salons as the equivalent of OPI in the UK salons.

Just a couple of W7 nail polishes to add to my existing collection of bold neons and particle packed glitters. I have heard great things about W7 black so looking forward to giving that a try.

Pillar Box Red & Black
Lastly (about time I hear you cry). The Art Club Primaries striper collection. These polishes have a precision-pointed striping brush for use in free hand nail art. I have never used stripers but they have many uses and are well regarded in the nail art world.

I hope you dont mind this lengthy post but I just couldnt wait to share my latest purchases with you.

Take care

Louise xx

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  1. I got a Color Club set and a Barielle set at TK Maxx too - what a bargain!! Made my day lol xx