Monday, 23 July 2012

Flippy Floppy

It is true... Summer is here! Well at least it was today and the forecast looks great for tomorrow. That will do for me given that all we have had so far is months of rain and cloud.

I bought these W7 neon nail polishes months ago and they sat untouched until now. As with most neons it is recommended that you use a base colour of white to allow the colours to really pop. And pop they do! You cannot quite appreciate how bright and summery these colours are as my camera just couldnt cope with the intensity but here goes...

Nothing says welcome to summer better than gorgeous neon nail polish and flip flops!

This cute little design is taken straight from BM 309 and I stamped using Konad Special Polish in Black to ensure the pattern was as contrasting against the neons as possible.

I am so pleased with the results and have decided that I will recreate this mani as a pedi later tonight. Dont worry I will spare you the pictures of my toes and leave you just to enjoy the simple effectiveness of this design and colour combination on my fingers.

Just for the cute factor...

While mummy paints nails... we sunbathe :-)
Thanks for reading

Louise xx


  1. Very summary n bright I love them!! :-)) xxxxx