Thursday, 12 July 2012

Anniversary Nail Art

Proudly presenting my gorgeous (even if I do say so myself) 4th Anniversary nail art. Black and gold is an all time favourite combination of mine so I felt it appropriate to use my favourite colours for one of my favourite occasions. I tried something new and something different on each nail and I absolutley LOVE the results.

I started with a base of Barry M Black. This is a super glossy black that applies perfectly and only needs two thin coats to look this good. I cannot get enough of Barry M nail polishes and have 55 in my current collection! The stamping for each nail was done using Barry M Gold Foil Effects, this is not a colour I would wear alone but it is perfection in a bottle when it comes to stamping.

Index Finger - Kissing Mouth print from BM 303
Middle Finger - Double Lily print from BM 318
Ring Finger - Love Message from BM 311
Little Finger - Heart Print from BM 317

My reasons for these choices are mostly self explanatory given the theme of this manicure is love, but I will just add that I chose the double lily print as we had calla lillies as our wedding flowers, I have a very similar design tattooed on my ribs as a tribute to husband and wife and Craig always buys me huge bunches of lillies for anniversaries and birthdays.

For my thumb nail I used a beautiful scroll design turned on its side from BM 314 and added a number 4 taken from a very small part of a design on BM 311. Here is a close up...

We had such a fantastic day - shopping, eating at Yo Sushi and drinking lots of wine (for me) and whisky (for Craig) and I cant wait to see what the rest of our time off together brings.

I hope you like this nail art as much as I do - any questions or comments I would love to hear from you via the comment facility below.

Louise xx

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  1. Lou these are amazing. I love them!!