Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Five (not Fifty) Shades of Grey

As you may have heard recently there is currently a bestselling series of books sweeping the book charts called Fifty Shades. It is a trilogy of books written with women in mind and they are categorised as either 'romance' or 'adult comtemporary fiction' depending on who you talk to. The book industry is buzzing about these books and if rumours are to believed they will single handedly be responsible for a baby boom in approx 9 months time and a huge surge in 'underwear for special occasions' sales.

The jacket images of the books gave me a great idea for a quick mani and photo shoot tonight.

Using my lovely new Diamond Collection from Barielle I started with a basic skittle mani using Five (not Fifty) shades of grey.

In order to make this skittle relevant to the book series I needed to add a tie, a mask and a key to the mix. I debated trying to hand paint something onto each nail but I just knew that I wouldnt achieve the detail I was looking for. Then a wave of inspiration came over me and I grabbed a couple of props and stamping plate BM 301. I hope you like the results as much as I do.


I had so much fun with this tonight. I will definately be keeping my eyes peeled for props to add to future nail photo shoots. My neighbours must think I am crazy but I don't mind as its all in the name of art... well nail art anyway!

I have not read any of these books but I know plenty of people who have... will you be tempted? Let me know what you think of tonights little venture into themes and props.

Louise xx


  1. Love the theme and the props, looks good now need to read the book. x

  2. Love love love love love these, photos look fab xxx