Thursday, 12 July 2012

Reversed Anniversary Nail Art

In a moment of madness I decided to take some pictures and share with you my right hand! Which just to be clear means I had to paint and stamp using my much weaker left hand so the results are never quite as pretty. Just to make it harder on myself I also decided to flip the colours so I used Barry M Gold Foil as the base and Konad Special Polish in Black for stamping.

I was a little impatient and added the top coat a few minutes too early so there is a little bit of visible drag in the black Konad polish however I honestly dont think I did a bad job. Even taking the pictures using my left hand to operate the camera was much harder than I imagined but I am glad I decided to share with you.

Everytime my nails catch my eye they make me smile! I just know that I will feel sad when I take them off. However maybe the 10 new polishes I bought today will make me feel better! Seriously its an addiction!!

Here are a couple of swatches of the two Barry M polishes I used to create the full manicure.

Barry M Black

Barry M Gold Foil Effect
 Until next time

Louise xx


  1. These are Toats Amaz !!! So intricate, so pretty!! 10/10 !!

  2. Love the combination of these colours! And that writing stamp is lovely.

    (I can't find a button to follow your blog on blogger, but it's saved in my bookmarks so I will be checking back :) )

  3. Thanks heidi. If you are looking at my blog from an iPhone you can click full web view at the very bottom of the blog and that takes you to a different view that allows you to see follow links on the right hand side. This is all very new to me so have had a few teething problems with searches. Thanks for bookmarking me xx

    1. Ah got it now. Good luck with getting the blog going :) It's great so far!

  4. OMG this blog is great x I love these nails xxx am trying to work out how to comment on other sets of nails.......your so talented Lou xxx

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