Thursday, 8 August 2013

Swatch: Briarwood

Hey lovelies

My goodness where does time go? It is a busy one for me again but I musn't grumble as it keeps me out of trouble until the weekend! We finally had more direct sunshine at a time that I could actually paint my nails so of course I went straight for another beautiful new a-England...

Yes this is a brown polish featuring on my blog! Isn't it gorgeous?

Absolute perfection in just one coat - as are all of the a-Englands I have ever tried. If you have not tried any yet then what are you waiting for.. just click here.

I love this colour... Yes it is brown but it has so much hidden depth! Just look at the shimmer which is olive, copper,gold and much more...

Of course I added nail art to this eventually but in total I wore this colour for five days! Amazing!!

Lou xx


  1. What a beautiful shade! I love how much the gold flecks pop out in the sunlight :)

    1. Thanks Ithi. Some swatches I have seen show this polish as a vampy red brown which looks really gorgeous :). Either way I still really like it!

  2. Gorgeous colour. Five whole days - that's unheard of!xx

    1. I know 5 days! People at work thought something was wrong with me!! I will post the version with nail art next week xx