Sunday, 25 August 2013

Caviar Beads: Review

Happy Sunday

Tonight I thought I would share with you a quick review of all three types of caviar beads I purchased from Primark. This is my last planned post relating to caviar beads... promise!

In the two pictures below you can see the bottles of pretty coloured beads and also the bottles of nail polish that come in the sets to use as a base.

Caviar beads

Base colours

I have to say I am not too into the white caviar beads but I love the bright multi coloured ones on my index and ring fingers and I think the pastels on my pinky finger are really cute too :-)

These beads are so easy to apply, the base colour polishes are fantastic quality (perfect one coaters) and they lasted way longer than I thought they would.

Okay so I promise I done with caviar beads for a little while :-)

Lou xx


  1. Who would have thought you could get quality polish at Primark? lol. I'm still not sure about them but they do look pretty on you. I got some for my birthday so I will have to try them sometime soon! xx

  2. I know... Primark! Don't get me wrong i love a good shopping trip to Pri but nail polish? Honestly caviar beads are not too everyone's tastes but goof dun to try out :) x