Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Water marbled gel nails: V Festival style

Good evening my lovelies

We are back from a fantastic long weekend at V Festival and I am very pleased to be back posting for my little blog :). V was amazing! So many highlights and far too many funny stories to tell you about on here but needless to say we did plenty of singing, plenty of dancing and plenty of drinking. The thing we didnt do plenty of was sleeping! I am so tired right now. Totally worth it.

Here are my V Festival nails...

This is the first time I have worn gel nails myself and they were so ideal for a long weekend of camping. I am a trained nail tech and do lots sets of gel nails each week but as I usually change my own polish five times a week I have never done a gel manicure on my own!

For these pretty little creations I started with two coats of IBD Starburst which is a fantastically bright pink. I cured those two coats under my LED lamp and then added one final coat which I left uncured. on top of that wet pink coat I then added some random dots of Orly Rage gel and Orly Kiss the Bride gel. Using my dotting tool I swirled the three wet gel colours together and then once I was happy I cured each nail under the lamp. Voila... that simple :).

This was my favourite nail...

I really loved that each nail was so different. It was hard to get the mix of colours exactly as I wanted them but its not bad for a first attempt.

Creating the water marble effect on my cinderella hand was challenging but I did manage it and was really pleased with the outcome.

After 3 nights of camping and some pretty hard wear and tear whilst putting up and pulling down the tent, these nails still look as perfect as when I first did them. I am suitably impressed :).

Just a couple of pics from V Festival for you...

Take care

Lou xx


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    1. Thanks Hun. They are still in perfect condition and I can't help but stare at them! x