Monday, 12 August 2013

Orly: Monsters Mash: Very Green nails

Monday is over already...

Where does time go? I hope the rest of this week continues to go so quick, the little sis and I are off to V Festival on Friday morning and we cannot wait. The line up is amazing (as always!) with Beyonce as the headline act, the weather forecast is (so far) ideal for camping and my outfits have been carefully planned, right down to the last bracelet. Roll on Friday.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy my nails of the day...

Key Lime with two coats of Monsters Mash

In all honesty if you dont like green then I am guessing you will not like my nails but I love green and I love these polishes!

I started with a base of Barry M Key Lime which is part of the gorgeous Gelly range. It applied perfectly in two thin coats and is just the right side of lime rather than slime green.

The below picture shows one coat of Orly Monsters Mash layered over Key Lime. This glitter is really dense and I could easily have left it there but I decided to add a second coat which perfectly filled in all the gaps.

Key Lime with one coat of Monsters Mash

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@l_i_p_p) will have already seen the gorgeous square nail polish ring I made using Monsters Mash but for those of you yet to venture onto Insta I have included a picture below :-). Isnt it stunning?!

Green and gold make such a perfect partnership in this glitter, I just absolutely love it :-)

Lou xx


  1. I hope you both have a great time at V festival! That's really exciting! I love this polish, I really have to nab some Orly's! It almost reminds me of a mosaic!

    1. I'm too excited about V! I've been before but we keep saying this time will be our last! I love that you said this looks mosaic as that's exactly how it looks irl :). My fav orly is go deeper. It's a must buy!

  2. Replies
    1. I know... The whole Glam FX collection from Orly is gorgeous. This one and Go Deeper were my personal favs x

  3. I don't usually like greens but that glitter is amazing!!!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

    1. I think green polish is a bit like marmite... You either love it or hate it! I love it and I'm glad you thought this glitter is amazing :)