Sunday, 4 August 2013

Caviar Beads: Bright Pink and Multi

Good morning lovelies

Happy Sunday. I absolutely could not resist sticking with the caviar bead theme and trying out my personal favourite of the three kits I got months ago in Primark. This one has a gorgeous dark pink creme polish and a real mix of bright coloured caviar beads.

I started with one coat of the bright pink polish on all nails. As with the silver kit I tried out earlier in the week this pink has amazing coverage and will be perfect for stamping. The colour is very rich and unfortunately it is just the smell of very cheap polish that slightly puts me off.

On my index and ring fingers I then added a second coat of the pink polish and then whilst holding my nails over a plastic tray I gently tipped the caviar beads back onto the wet polish.

Each of these Primark kits is supplied with a small metal funnel to help you put any spare beads back into the bottle. I really cannot fault these kits and at only £2.50 each I would buy them in every colour they could make!

Just look at this colourful close up... Perfect bead coverage :-)

One final picture for you to enjoy

I love this colour combination... the quality of these kits is amazing for such a bargain price. I am amazed at how well these beads stay on... overnight I only lost the tiniest number of beads so this many was good for another day :-)

Lou xx


  1. So, so pretty! I am yet to try caviar nails, but I bought an Aussie kit, so I'm keen to try it :)

    1. Thanks Amanda. I did not think I would like this trend at all but am surprised at how well they last overnight as well :). Look forward to seeing your caviar mani when you try it out x