Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My Christmas Day Nails and a nod to my Grandad!

Happy Boxing Day my lovelies! Did you all have a fantastic Christmas?

We certainly did. Although I was so poorly for the whole festive period I put my game face on (fix up, look sharp) and carried on regardless. We had a fantastic lunch out on Christmas Day followed by a successful shopping trip to the Next winter sale at 7am this morning, followed by a buffet lunch at my sisters this afternoon. I have been thoroughly spoilt by both friends and family and loved every second!

On Christmas day 10 of our nearest and dearest went for lunch at a local hotel called St Giles. I was wearing a new navy dress and burgandy patterned tights so decided upon this little mani for the occasion...

Nothing too complicated but still quite effective. I started with two coats of Barry M Navy (quite possibly one of my fav's) and I stamped the pretty snowflakes with Barry M Silver Foil.

I thought I would also include a piccy or two of us on Christmas Day so you can see how my nails and outfit match...

My Mum asked me very nicely if I would mind doing her nails to match her new plum dress, how could I refuse and I thought it would be nice to make them sort of match mine...

This is two coats of the super pretty No 7 Damson Dream with the same snowflake design stamped but this time in Barry M Gold Foil.

Imagine my surprise when I saw my Nan and Grandad only to find her nails looking more amazing than ever, when I asked her where she got them done she said... Your Grandad did them! Seriously he is better at nail art than me and I practice every day :-)

Can you believe he applied those wraps himself on Christmas Eve! How cute...??

Speaking of which I just couldn't resist sharing this little picture of our doggies in their Christmas bows...

I hope you enjoyed this rather picture heavy post. I am beyond relieved to not be at work between Christmas and the New Year and really hoping to experiment with all my new nail polishes (seriously my friends and family were too kind)

Louise xx


  1. Wow!!! Those manis are so gorgeous! They are indeed perfect Christmas nails. Love it! Great picks!

  2. Perhaps your Grandad should do a guest post soon Lou :) x

  3. What a great post! How adorable are you in your lovely Christmas dresses!!

  4. Lov this post very much!!! Your nails looked amazing and you too looked equally as good as did your Beautiful Sis xxxxxx

  5. I like seeing pics so that you can put a face to the beautiful nails :) Happy New Year!