Saturday, 29 December 2012

Metallic Mercury, Quilting and Caviar!

Good evening my lovelies

I am absolutely loving not being at work! I know that is how most people will also be feeling but honestly it is doing me the world of good. Spending this much time with Mr LiPP and my sister is just what I needed.

Tonight I am showing you a manicure that I just couldn't leave alone. It was one of those that I couldn't resist going a little too far with just so I could test out my new mini caviar beads :-)

The below picture is the finished look...

Now lets start at the beginning... I started with a base of two coats of W7 Metallic Mercury. This polish has a plum brown base and a stunning pink and gold glass fleck finish. It really was beautiful under the lamp I use to take pictures as the below picture shows.

Then I took my striping tape and laid out a quilted design which I gently sponged over with Barry M Pink Foil (limited edition for Christmas), these two steps are pictured below.

As soon as I had finished sponging I carefully peeled off the striping tape to reveal the criss cross design below. At this stage I also used a small cotton bud to tidy up the excess sponged Pink Foil.

At this stage I maybe should have applied a top coat and left well alone...

The trouble being that these mini caviar beads were just calling my name and looked like they would sort of match...

What do you think of the finished manicure? I liked the feel of these mini caviar beads but I am totally in love with the quilted ring finger accent. It takes a little patience but the results are worth it :-)

Louise xx


  1. This is one awesome mani!! I LOVE the quilting pattern!

  2. Love these :-)) wana eat the beads lol like liquorice all sorts xxxx mrs crouch

  3. really cute manicure :) great for the new year's eve!

  4. Glad the mini cav beads worked so well, they look really pretty

  5. Your blog is so impressive! I love it! One more to check every single day!!!

  6. Love the mani Mini - very creative once again xx