Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Nails: Candy Canes

Can I get a whoop whoop!! :-)

I just love Fridays. What could be better than knowing you have a whole weekend of spending quality time with your loved ones? This weekend I have lots of lovely things planned... hubby is taking me for breakfast and a spot of retail therapy tomorrow, then we are going to put up our Christmas tree and enjoy a quiet night in. On Sunday I am with my sister and some of our best friends for a Christmas meal and a few drinkies. I cant wait to catch up on all the girly gossip.

As you can see I made a return to the Christmas Nails already... tonights installment is Candy Canes...

I started with a base of Barry M Matt White. I have to say with the benefit of hindsight I might have chosen to do this manicure the other way around and start with a base of red and then stamp in white... maybe one for next week?

I have been very keen to use Konad Red in one of my Christmas manicures so this simple little Candy Cane idea was the perfect excuse. It was a little messy and did leave a pinky stain to my fingers but I still love it and will definitely use it again (carefully).

I am so glad I purchased this Christmas stamping plate for the bargain price of £1.85! It has proved most useful in my series of Christmas Nails!

Of course this manicure would not be complete without glitter of some kind. I added a hologram top coat of Northern Lights Silver which as with previous manicures did not photograph as magically as it looks in real life.

How do you like my Candy Canes? Are they good enought to eat? :-)

I hope you all have fantastic weekends - have you got lots of lovely plans?

Louise xx


  1. Your candy canes are definitely delicious looking!!! Have a wonderful weekend!! I'm not so lucky, I gotta work tomorrow, BUT, I've got a whole house to myself on Sunday!!! Woohoo!! :)

  2. So cute! Sounds like you have a fun weekend!

  3. Love love love these I want them :-)) luv Vic