Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Nails: Christmas Trees

Thats right my lovelies... the time has finally come for me to create Christmas Trees on my nails. These are the little pretties I wore to our girly Christmas lunch on Sunday. We had such a lovely meal and we sat and talked for hours :-).

For this manicure I have gone for a very traditional look - green tree with red and gold decorations. This could not be more different to trees we have up in our house which have a very modern twist :-) but I like them all the same.

I started with one easy quick drying base coat of Revlon Hazy. I considered using tape to create perfect straight lines for my trees but decided against it so reached for my favourite nail art brush instead.

I painted a large triangle on each nail using Barry M Racing Green. Once that was dry I added a thin layer of Barry M Green Glitter to create a Christmassy sparkle!

Using a medium dotting tool I added baubles in Barry M Bright Red and Barry M Gold Foil. Last but not least I added a yellow star shapped rhinestone to the top of each tree.

 Below are the pictures of my right hand. As you can see on this occasion I didnt match my lefty and righty as I ran out of time (and patience)!

This simple but eye catching Christmas coloured manicure was created using Barry M Bright Red, Racing Green and a sparkly top coat of  Yellow Topaz from the relatively new Jewel collection.

Here is one last shot of my traditional Christmas tree nails...

How do you like my Christmas Tree nail art? Do you always wear matching manicures or are you happy to wear something 'easier' on your less dominant hand?

Here is a picture of us girlies at Loch Fyne...

Louise xx


  1. Adorable trees! I can't get enough of christmas tree nails.

  2. This is just too cute! What a lovely pic of you and your girls!!