Thursday, 13 December 2012

Party Nails!

Happy Thursday lovelies!

Tonight I thought I would resist my desperate urge to paint Christmas nails and try out some of the lovely new polishes I picked out at the Clothes Show last weekend. To be honest these nails do have a party theme so you could wear them to a party which just so happened to be a Christmas party... :-)

For this party themed skittle I picked out three new W7 shades. I started with Last Tango in Paris on my index and middle fingers. Its a gorgeous mix of cerise pink, plum and purple. It shimmers beautifully and I'm really pleased with the finish which was perfect after two thin coats.

I used W7 Blue-Tini for my little finger and thumb. It is so bright it could almost be a neon but has the added depth of gorgeous electric blue shimmers and also a few plum sparkles for added good measure. Again another easy to apply colour and I only needed two thin coats.

Lastly I painted W7 Monnlight onto my ring finger and along the top half of my thumb nail. Moonlight is a really densely packed glitter polish that has many shades of blue, purple, silver and pink hidden within.

Sticking with the party theme I stamped this cute little cocktail design onto just my index finger. Who doesn't love a cocktail?

As it is the festive season and I cannot resist sparkles and shinies (yes like a magpie) I added some co-ordinating pink and blue square rhinestones, and then a row of silver square studs for my thumb finally completed this manicure.

What do you think? Would you wear this sparkly skittle manicure for a party or do you prefer all your nails to match?

Have a lovely evening and TGI almost Friday!

Louise xx


  1. I like that glittery W7 polish! I'm a huge fan of skittle nails. I can never decide what nail art I want to do, so it gives me an excuse for something different on each finger!

  2. What a fun skittle!! This is great for a Christmas or New Year's party! I love the little cocktail stamp, and the colors look fantastic together!