Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Blue Mani for A Cloudy Day

The title of this post makes it sounds like doom and gloom but actually this blue on blue manicure is quite the opposite.

You will be pleased to hear we have hot running water again! We encountered a few other problems along the way but we are finally getting the bathroom back together and can at least take a shower in our own house.

Tonight I have a very quick and easy manicure for you but the results were surprisingly pretty.

For the base colour I started with three coats of Barry M Blue Moon. This is a very pale and thin colour so does require a little patience whilst you build layers but the overall result is subtle and pretty.

I then stamped this windy clouds design from plate BM 312 using Color Club Cold Metal. Cold Metal is a stunning blue, sparkly in the right lights and a good one coater which makes it ideal for stamping!

The irony as I sit and type this post is that the sun is shining, I have the back door wide open and the dogs are running around making the most of this amazing spring like weather!

Rain Rain Go Away - it already has (well... for now anyway).

Louise xx


  1. This is gorgeous, I actually noticed it last night. Sometimes simplicity can be so stunning! xx

  2. This is so pretty! I just love the stamp and the blues. Yay for hot water! I hope that you can get everything back to normal soon in your house!

  3. Beautiful mani once again, your stamping is so clean and perfect :) xx

  4. I love this!!!The color combo and the pattern are great