Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Rose for a Rose

Good evening lovelies!

How are we all doing so far this week? It is my Grandad's birthday this week so we are having some family over for tea for a little mid week celebration. I am doing us a nice chicken curry in the slow cooker as it takes the stress out of being stuck in the kitchen all night - plus the house will smell lovely as soon as I walk in the door! Got to love the slow cooker. Anyway onto my nail of the day...

I started with two super easy coats of Revlon Guava (coral pink) and Revlon Hazy (soft grey). These are my first Revlon polishes and I was very excited to find them in a set of three during a recent TK Maxx haul.

Then using Konad White I stamped a large single rose on each of the pink nails using plate BM 14 and one of myall time favourite prints of roses and vines from Konad M65 on the grey accent nail.

I mentioned recently that I was looking for my perfect pale grey - Is this it? Do you think I have found it?

Two little white roses for my thumb nail...

I am loving this look - the two colours work really well togethe. I am looking forward to showing you the third polish from the set, Revlon Ocean, which is a shimmery blue/green foil.

Take care

Louise xx


  1. I think you found the perfect pale grey :)

  2. So cute and feminine! I love the grey paired with the pink, gorgeous :) xx

  3. This is lovely! I just LOVE using my slowcooker, especially in the winter! It's so easy and it always turns out delicious!