Thursday, 29 November 2012

Should Blue and Green Be Seen?

Happy Thursday!

My weekend starts here as I have Friday off on holiday... :-)

We have got so many fantastic plans for the weekend which I will tell you a little more about tomorrow night but in the meantime... should blue and green never be seen?

Has anyone else heard this little wives tale or quote? I can remember as I was growing up my Mum telling me that as I have bright green eyes I should never wear blue eye make up, hence me thinking that blue and green should never be seen.

I love this mani though...

I started with a base of Revlon Ocean which is a frost finish light teal. This was mega easy to apply and dried in super quick time. I am really impressed with my three new Revlon polishes.

I then stamped this simple geometric design using Barry M Denim. Super simple but very eye catching. My Nan loved it and even asked my Grandad if he would like her to wear her nails in this colour combo! Cute!

Revlon Ocean swatch
I usually steer clear of the more geometric designs as I prefer the girly flowery kind but on this occasion and with these two colours, I think it was the perfect combination :-)

Take care

Louise xx


  1. I love these colours together! Personally green and blue are my fave combos for makeup and nails ~ I always thought it was pink and green should never be seen.. No idea! Beautiful pattern it works well with the colours. Have a great extra-long weekend! :) xx

  2. Beautiful color, love this color combo.

  3. This is a great combo! Looking forward to hearing about your weekend! :)