Friday, 2 November 2012

Dotty for the weekend

Happy Friday!

This weekend could not come soon enough for me! I have been counting down since 9.05 on Monday morning! How bad is that?

Sitting at work during the week I was talking to Faye about colours you shouldn't 'like' together. For example I like pink and red but Faye hates it. We talked about blue and orange together, my instinct was to say no but Faye said yes. I thought give it a try...

 I decided to keep it nice and simple but I was pleased with the results. I used Barry M Blueberry Icecream and No 7 Tangy for the base colours and the dots.

Very simple, yet very effective :-)

To be honest I like colours that clash. I am struggling to think of a combination I wouldn't wear. How about you, do you have colours that are simply a no no?

Have a fantastic weekend

Louise xx


  1. Love it! The colours are such a good contrast, very striking! :) Some of the most unsuspecting colours work so well together! I hate pink and green together but I did a nail look and was so surprised!

  2. I really like this!! Very cute and fun for the weekend.

  3. Knew it would look pretty ;-) xxx

  4. I love this, good work FB x