Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mirrorball - Boogie Nights

I have something lovely and sparkly for you tonight ladies... another of the stunning polishes from the Models Own Mirrorball collection.

This one is called Boogie Nights...

Just look at how it sparkles :-). I never pick purple as a favourite colour but I adore this polish from the Mirrorball collection. Its purple, its lilac, its blue and its pink... its stunning!

Boogie nights
Come on now got to get it started
Dance with the boogie get down

I layered two coats of Boogie Nights over W7 Black and Barry M Matt White so you can see just how amazing this is as the glide on 'nail frosting' Models Own intended.

'Cause boogie nights are always
The best in town
Got to keep on dancing

I love love love this collection. So far I have shown you two of these pretties... I still have three to go :-)

Louise xx


  1. I'm looking like a fan of boogie nights after seeing this! Did you notice any funky polish smell? :/ A beautiful combination of glitter colours :)

  2. Ooooo I love these Mirrorball polishes!! I'm too cheap to pay the shipping :(

  3. Look fabulous Mini - So in love with that W7 Black. Such a nice shine Xx