Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I Heart You

Evening all :-)

I hope you are doing well? Thank you for your nice words of support about our recent bathroom crisis. We are still travelling to my sister's to use her shower but we are closer to having our own bathroom back together. I picked this particular stamp as a little dedication to my hard working hubby...

I started with two nice easy coats of Bourjois So Laque in Bleu Asphalte. Its a very dark grey polish with lovely application and could be a careful one coater if you were in a rush. I applied two anyway as it improves the richness of the overall colour.

I then stamped this pretty little heart and dots pattern from Konad M78. The genuine Konad plates are very expensive so I dont own too many of them - I was fortunate enough to receive this one in error (I ordered M77) and the seller let me keep it as an apology for the inconvenience :-)

I painted the one little pink heart on my ring finger nail to show my eternal love for my husband. He is working such long shifts already but still coming home every night and working extra hard on rebuilding our bathroom and kitchen.

Mr LiPP - My Hubby - My Hero

Have a Great Evening

Louise xx


  1. Awww too cute! Yay for your handy-man hubby! :) I hope you guys get everything back in order soon!

  2. Its so nice to see posts like this, well done for your husband for his hard work! I love the stamp you used, that's also really cool that you got that plate free! I know they are pricey so that's just awesome :) Hope you get your bathroom back soon!

  3. What a cute dedication. Beautiful choice!