Monday, 12 November 2012

Inspired by...Skittlette

Skittlette... isnt that a fantastic word?

It belongs to the very talented Marta at ChitChatNails who runs one of my most favourite nail blogs and is a very talented, not to mention busy lady. I honestly dont know how she has time to post so many fantastic manicures but I am thankful that she does :-).

Marta quite often posts manicures with a mixture of two or three accent nails and has dubbed this pretty look the Skittlette. Not quite a Skittle mani as that would need all five nails to be different but actaully I think a Skittlette is better as it is easy to tie two or three different accents into one cohesive manicure.

My index and middle fingers are two coats of W7 Black with the addition of some simple small round silver studs from Born Pretty Store.

My ring finger is two sparkly coats of NV Anthem stamped with my favourite butterfly design from plate BM 307 using W7 Black

For my pinky and thumb nails I started with one coat of Barry M Silver Foil and then layered over one coat of the new Barry M Ruby Glitter. This is unique in my current collection as it is the only glitter polish I have with black glitter particles in it. I'm pleased with how it looks in this mani but in all truth it looks better in the bottle.

So how do you like my Skittlette post? I think this is a great look and will mean I get through a fair few of my untrieds and still create a beautiful manicure that is worth wearing and sharing with you.

Louise xx


  1. Lovely look, its rather Punk/rock! I think all the different nails compliment each other and work so well. I'm only just getting used to accent nails!

  2. I love this manicure, looks very edgy, you had a great inspiration, Marta has beautiful nails art ideas!

  3. This is an AWESOME skittlette! I love Marta's blog, too, and I loved it when she coined this name!