Friday, 27 June 2014

Inspired By: Skulls and Roses necklace

Happy Friday!!

I am lucky enough to be enjoying an extra long weekend as I had today off work and also I have treated myself to Monday off work too :-). As always I have lots of lovely plans with my sister and some of our best friends so my time will fly but for now I am going to stop long enough to write this blog and enjoy the pictures of these nails that I am excited to show you.

Every now and again I like to create blog post that are entitled Inspired By. In the past the posts have been inspired by clothing but today my nails are inspired by a beautiful necklace my sis got me. Thanks Laus :-).

Each of the polishes I used were chosen to match either the flowers, the skull or the jewels on my necklace. My index and little fingers are two perfect coats of Sally Hansen Shiny Penny and finished off with one simple pink diamante gem set into the top coat.

My ring finger is three coats of Barry M Yellow, to compliment the yellow rose on the necklace, and finished off with two pink gems.

My middle finger is two coats of Barry M Silver Foil which I rarely wear as a base colour and usually reserve only for stamping :-). The skull stamp is taken straight from plate BM 413.

I really love how these nails captured different elements of the necklace.

How do you like this look? I know skulls are not to everyone's taste but I think this is a really good way to experiment with them without the look being too over the top.

Have fantastic weekends

Lou xx

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