Monday, 30 June 2014

Swatch: Barry M Gelly: Kiwi

Happy Monday loves

What a weekend! I was lucky enough to have a four day weekend and took full advantage of not being in the office! Me and the doggies did lots of nice walks and ball games over the field, little sis and I spent lots of time doing nails and drinking wine and on Sunday we went to a one day festival! The headlining act was McBusted but before they came out we spent several hours enjoying Scouting For Girls (I love them!), Five and the Backstreet Boys! Talk about retro boybands :-). A fantastic time was had by all!!

Today I am showing you this beautiful swatch of Kiwi which is the vibrant green from Barry M's latest Gelly release.

I do appreciate that green nail polish is not to everyones liking but you have to admit this one is a stunner!

Kiwi is the perfect jade green polish and as with all of the Gelly's the formula is highly pigmented and perfect in just two easy coats.

The Gelly range does have a couple of other green polishes but nothing similar to this so if you like green I would recommend you treat yourself to this little beauty ASAP :-)

I hope you are all having a lovely day

Lou xx


  1. oh i used to love Five, back in the day!!

    1. Oh my goodness me too! I remember teaching my friend the dance routines :) x

  2. Oooh it sounds like you had an amazing weekend! How was McBusted? I see people on my facebook saw them too recently and they are saying they are really good? YET another amazing gelly, I don't think I've seen one you've posted that hasn't sent me into a lemming craze! I love this green, its just beautiful! xx

    1. McBusted were good but BSB were better! This green is an absolute stunner! You must stock up on all a Gellys when you next come to the uk :) xx