Saturday, 14 June 2014

Huckleberry Blue: Glitter Gradient nails

Good evening loves

Eeeek I took almost a week off blogging without meaning too. Life is kicking my ass a little at the moment so my usual routine is totally out of the window! That being said I have been spending time with some of my amazing girlfriends and of course as much time as possible with my little sis.

This is how I dressed up my beautiful blue swatch from earlier in the week...

Huckleberry is the base colour. Its the palest of baby blues but a fantastic addition to my stash. It has a fantastic finish for such a light pastel polish and makes a great base for all kinds of nail art. Tonight its all about the glitters...

I just could not decide between teal or electric blue glitter so in the end I thought why not.. use both for a mix and match mani!

Individual glitter placement is a little time consuming but I really enjoy it. There is something so therapeutic about carefully placing the glitters in the position I think they look best.. or does it just mean I have too much time on my hands?

I am super excited about the football tonight... It is Englands first game of this World Cup campaign and I just wish it didnt start at 11pm GMT! I am doing my best to stay awake!

Lou xx


  1. Very pretty and SO precise! I've been staring at these for the past thirty seconds trying to decide if I could ever have the patience to do these (still undecided).

    1. Thank you so much. Pour yourself a nice drink and then it doesn't seem so bad to sit and individually place glitters :)) xx

  2. I just ADORE this look! You've inspired me to try glitter placement! That Barry M polish is just so pretty. :)