Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Fathers Day: England Football nails

Happy Sunday loves

Today is Fathers Day and my little sis and I are very excited to be spending quality time with our Dad. The three of us are going for a drink followed by lunch. Today my nails are football related for two reasons. The first being that unless you really are living in a cave you cannot fail to know that World Cup 2014 has just started, I am a huge football fan and get very swept up in the whole England craze. Secondly, football is mine and Dads thing. We talk about it, text about it, laugh and cry about it. Its our Dad/Daughter bond :).

For these themed nails I started with a white base on all nails. I used Orly Au Champagne to avoid the white tippex style looking nails that often happens with a stark white polish. Au Champagne has beautiful subtle shimmers hidden in it and also dries with a pearl finish.

I used Konad Black to stamp the football print from plate BM 408. I left the black to dry for 45 mins before I applied top coat but they still smudged! Anyone know how to avoid smudges? The black was bone dry, the top coat was brand new and I wiped the brush on tissue in between doing each nail.

For my patriotic accent nail I used an Instant Artist striper from Orly called Fiery Red. My free hand skills are pretty lame and straight lines are always harder to achieve than you would hope but hopefully you get the idea that this is meant to be St Georges Cross :-)

Finally I added one gold star to represent how many times England has won the world cup. Poor lonely little gold star...

This is a quick iPhone pic taken in the pub as I suddenly realised my patriotic theme had gone into overdrive...

I hope you are all having fantastic weekends. Feel free to tell me all about them in the comments facility below.

Lou xx


  1. What top coat ate you using? I use Seche Vite and apply generously without over brushing. Never get streaks.

    1. Thanks Janet. I do use Seche and I always try to overload the brush and apply in two strokes. It happens mostly with the black konad polish so maybe there is something not quite right with the formula?