Thursday, 5 June 2014

Swatch: Models Own: Speckled Eggs: Goose

Good evening loves

I dont know where time goes! Its already 10pm and I am only just sitting down to edit pictures and write this blog post. Mind you, I have had a lovely evening. Tonight I had the girls round for tea. I cooked spaghetti bolognese and a mountain of garlic bread, Amanda bought us a chocolate and salted caramel tart with double cream and we talked the evening away.

Time for a quick spotlight on one of the Speckled Egg polishes from Models Own...

Most of you will know my feelings about yellow polish. Well actually yellow in general... quite simply its a no no for me. The colour doesnt appeal to me and does not suit my skin tone or hair colour (currently purpley pink). So I decided to push my comfort zones by reaching for the yellow polish out of this collection of five pretty pastels.

This is Goose.

It is a pretty pastel shade of yellow made much more interesting by the addition of black glitters. These polishes are called Speckled Eggs for a good reason and did make the absolute best base for my Easter manicures earlier this year :-).

This is my least favourite polish from the collection but in saying that I do actually like it and I am glad it has a place in my collection. The formula was easy to work with, the glitters laid perfectly flat and stayed where I painted them without the need for lots of 'dabbing'. Dry time was a little slow but a quick slick of Seche Vite soon sorted that.

How do you like the Speckled Egg polishes? I promise I will get around to showing you the other four soon :-)

Lou xx


  1. I really do love the speckled polishes even though I've yet to add any to my collection. I think you photographed these beautifully. I'm not the craziest for yellow but I do really like this :) Also glad to hear Seche Vite took care of the drying problem xx

    1. I am absolutely the same about yellow... Im really not crazy for it at all. This is my least fav from the collection but Im still glad I got it. Seche Vite is like a miracle! x

  2. This one of the speckled polishes that I so love. I really do not know why I so liked it =) I guess I find it unique but classy.

    1. I love it because it pushed me out of my comfort zone :)) xx