Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Delicate Stamp Chunky Glitter

Tuesday already...

Tonight I am very excited to be welcoming one of my favourite bloggers to my nail room... Laura Loves

Laura started her blog last year and already has a great following. Laura loves to write about lifestyle, fashion and make up and all her posts are supported with great photography. If you havent already clicked through to check her out then please go and do so now :-)

I will leave you with these nails whilst I go and work on Lauras...

This is a new to me brand that I picked up from the Beauty Show in May. I also treated myself to some of their Honey and Almond cuticle oil which is just amazing and I will definitely go back for more. Back to the nails... I have mixed feelings about these as the glitter accent is way too heavy but I love the delicate stamping image.

The orange base is called Fusionista. The formula was troublesome... my pics shows three coats and at that stage it was still far from perfect. The colour dried much more orangey than I was expecting as in the bottle I could see a pinky coral finish.

The glitter is called Serendipity and I just wasnt ready for how full on this actually is! I had hoped it would apply sparingly so I could use it as a delicate glitter accent where you could still see the individual colours. However this is a full on full coverage chunky glitter... I need to find a better way to wear it.

Using Barry M Gold Foil (what else!) I stamped this really pretty pattern from Pueen 49.

Overall I like the stamped pattern nails enough to ignore the fail of an accent nail but I will certainly try this chunky glitter out again.

Lou xx


  1. I love how the golden print pattern looks on the bright orange, great combination!

    1. Thank you! I was so pleased with the orange and gold nails. Next time I will avoid the glitter accent!

  2. Laura's photo's look stunning and so professional! I hope you have a great time painting together. I love this stamping combination; I've never seen this polish before but it looks stunning with the gold :) xx

    1. I'm so glad you clicked through to Laura's blog. She is very creative and loves her camera :). I did nude nails as Laura needed work suitable but on get accent nails we stamped hot pink chevrons :) xx