Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Neon Glitter Topper

Happy Hump Day

Tonight the T43 gang is back together and I cannot wait! T43 is the name we use when we go out for tea with our old boss and now very good friend, Paul. We three no longer work together which we are all finding very sad so any excuse we can make to get the T43 gang back together we will take it :-). Tonight we are going for Thai at a restaurant that is actually a boat on the river! Excited!!

Super quick post...

I wanted to love this glitter topper Dizzy more than any polish I have purchased in a long time but I just couldnt. I had to fish for the glitter and then dab it and spread it ever so carefully on each nail as it either clumped together or wouldnt stay on my nail at all!

I like how it looks in the pictures but in real life I am not sure it would have ever dried. What you see is three thick dabbed on coats on each nail plus Seche top coat.

Ok I am off to eat as much Thai food as possible and spend a good few hours laughing and gossiping with Laura and Paul (T43).

Lou xx


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :). I am going to try it over a dark base too as I think it will really pop! xx

  2. I definitely want this glitter topper in my collection too. It is fun to look at it, perfect for the summer!

    1. It is certainly an interesting one! I will enjoy wearing it over the summer (if it ever arrvies for us - dark and cloudy again today)!