Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Textured Blue and Silver: Simple Birthday nails

Hey loves

After my quite extravagant nails from yesterday's post I thought I would share with you the much calmer and simple nails I wore on the day of my birthday (a week ago today). For my birthday this year, my little Sis took me to Yo Sushi for tea on the eve of my birthday. We had a cheeky Prosecco and treated ourselves to the beef and chilli dish from the yellow menu that we had been craving for a while (as well as 9 dishes from the Blue Monday menu). Then on the morning of my birthday Laus arrived with the biggest stash of presents you have ever seen and whisked me off for breakfast and a full day of shopping. I was one happy birthday girl.

These beautiful textured polishes are from the Sequin range, the blue is called Eva and the silver is called Christy. I am guessing they are named after SuperModels ;-)?

These polishes apply perfectly and are super sparkly. I think they retail for £4 each but I got these in a promotion so they were a total steal at 2 for £5. I have since been back and purchased the gold one and will keep my eyes peeled for any other colour too.

I did add top coat to this mani but only because I really wanted to showcase the silver glitters found in each polish.

How do you like textured polishes? Do you own any of these 2True polishes?

Lou xx


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you lovely. You and J always love my textured polishes :)) xx

  2. This looks beautiful, I love the colours and it looks great with the texture! Lucky with the Yo Sushi! I'm really craving a visit there when I get back to England! Sounds like you had an amazing birthday :) xx

    1. Thanks Ithi. I'm loving these little SuperDrug bargain polishes :). Yay you love Yo Sushi too! What's your fav dish? I don't know if I can pick just one but the chilli pepper squid and chicken gyoza would certainly be close to the top of my list :) xx