Saturday, 3 May 2014

Comparison: Barry M Grapefruit versus Barry M Pink Punch

Happy Saturday loves

Had such a nice day today. We arranged a mother daughter dog walk this morning and once we had built up huge appetites by walking around the old quarry we drove to the Swan Inn at Ringland for deli sharing boards and a glass of wine. It was really good to spend time with both my sis and my mum and catch up on all the latest news and gossip.

As my comparison post from earlier in the week proved popular I hope you dont mind another one...

Barry M Pink Punch (bottle shot) - Index and Ring fingers
Barry M Grapefruit - Middle and Little fingers

I recently treated myself to two of the new Barry M Gelly polishes that are part of the Summer 2014 release. Today I am showcasing... Pink Punch.

Lots of people have mentioned that Pink Punch looks similar to a previously released Gelly polish called Grapefruit so I decided to feature them side by side so you can decide for yourself if you need to own both. For me its a no brainer... I definitely need both in my life :-)

In all pictures I used two think coats of each polish and no top coat. The Gelly range dries nice and quick to a super glossy finish.

In the pictures below, Pink Punch is on the left and Grapefruit in the right. I adore them both :-)

Pink Punch is bright and fresh looking and I can already tell it will be my go to pedicure colour for this summer. Grapefruit has much more of a coral pink look to it but is equally pretty.

Do you need both? :-). I am loving Pink Punch and Almond so much already that I cannot wait to get my hands on the other five polishes when they are released on May 7th (Superdrug).

Lou xx


  1. Love both these colours but Pink Punch is something a little special. I love a bright pink xx

    1. Me too. Pink Punch is going into my top 10 for the summer :)) xx