Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Glitter Polka Dots

Good evening lovelies

Many of you will know that one of my favourite colour combinations is green and pink. I turn to it time and time again and never tire of it.. Tonight is no exception :-)

The base for this manicure is the fabulous Clover by Fearne. This stunning green has a metallic yet sparkly finish and was just screaming for individual glitters to be added for the final look ;-)

Using my trusty dotting tool and a little patience, working on one nail at a time, I added a layer of top coat to each nail and then placed each glitter to create a neat polka dot pattern. Yes it is a little time consuming but I love the final look so I always think its worth the extra time.

After I was happy with the placement of each glitter I added one layer of quick drying top coat to finish the look :-)

Do you like this finished look? Would you have the patience to place each glitter?

Lou xx


  1. This looks great! Green and pink is a really fun combo!

    1. Thank you Jamie. I love these individual glitters, especially the pink ones!