Monday, 26 May 2014

Blue and White Lace Nails

Happy Monday

My goodness where does time go? It seems like only a few minutes ago this lovely long bank holiday weekend started and now here we are almost at the end of it! The weather has been mostly perfect and I have been a busy little bee. Spending quality time with my sister and our friends, not to mention lots of lovely dog walking some of which I did in my PJ's!

These are the nails I wore to the Beauty UK 2014 show last weekend.

I started with two beautifully bright coats of Blue Grape on all nails except my ring finger. Blue Grape is a stunning colour, it applies perfectly and dries to a super high glossy finish. It is just the right shade of cobalt blue and Im currently sporting it on my toes too :-). On my ring finger I applied two coats of Matt White.

Using Konad White I stamped one of my favourite lace designs onto all blue nails. This is a new bottle of White and I have to say the formula is a little disappointing so I think it could be from a faulty batch. Its too thin and left my designs looking a little transparent.

Onto my white base ring finger I stamped the same design using Blue Grape. I have to say I was amazed at how different the colour came out as a stamping polish. It looks almost baby blue which is a little sad but I didnt have time for a do over so it had to stay that way.

I cannot get enough of lace print nails and at each of the stalls I stopped to buy from I got compliments about my nails :-)

I'm off to enjoy a cheeky cherry cider in the last of todays beautiful sunshine

Lou xx

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