Thursday, 1 May 2014

Comparison: Barry M Lychee versus Barry M Almond

Good evening my lovelies

Ever since I first saw the release pictures of the Summer 2014 Gelly's from Barry M I have been reading lots of comments from eager collectors wondering if as polish addicts do we really need both Lychee and Almond in our lives... in short the answer is a resounding YES!

Almond (bottle shot) - Index and Ring Finger
Lychee - Middle and Little Finger 

Barry M never lets us down and I am as excited about the new Summer Gelly's as the next girl but when I got a sneaky peek of two of the colours released early I almost squealed with excitement :-). My review of Pink Punch will follow soon but for now let us concentrate on Almond.

Almond and Pink Punch have been released early and only available in Boots as far as I can tell. The other five polishes in this beautiful new collection will be available In Superdrug on May 7th and Boots on May 14th.

In all pictures you will see Almond on my index and ring fingers with Lychee on my middle and little fingers.

Almond is darker with a slight lavendar grey hue. Lychee is lighter and brighter and is a much creamier nude looking colour. I adore them both but if I had to pick I think Im leaning towards Almond.

I can confirm that you will certainly need both of these polishes in your life. Sorry ladies :-)

Final thought... Just in case any of you thought that Vanilla from the Matte collection could also be a dupe... think again :-).

I hope you enjoyed this comparison post. I think it is the first one I have ever done :-)

Lou xx


  1. Correct, need nee need Almond. I love my Lychee but Almond is an entirely different polish by the looks of this. I love Barry M so much, besides family thats maybe the sacrifice to moving to Holland, ha :) xx

    1. Honestly you absolutely need Almond in your life :). Ha ha love your comment about sacrifices and Holland!! xx

  2. I didn't realise from your IG that Almond wasn't out yet! No wonder I couldn't find it in Tesco today lol. I did however buy 3 Instyle magazines which are on offer for £2.50 AND have full sized Nails Inc polish free :D - I got all 3 as they are all lovely colours xx

    1. Oh sorry you were on a wild goose chase. I had posted a pic a few days earlier with the release date of May 7th and 14th. Tesco usually release early though. I'm def gonna check the instyle Mag. Thanks for the great tip :) xx