Monday, 16 September 2013

Textured Polish Challenge: the Love Skittlette

Good evening

Another week, another mini challenge! This time I decided that I like wearing my pink Barry M texture polish so much that I am going to keep it on all week and just change the polish on the other nails. All week my manicures will feature Kingsland Road on my index and little finger nails so first I will tell you a little about that polish...

Kingsland Road is a very pale pastel pink textured polish from Barry M. This polish was released with three others back in February but this is the first time I have worn it. I really was not expecting to like textured polish - I am a super high gloss kind of polish girl - but actually this Barry M won me round.

On my middle finger I painted two coats of Sally Hansen Pat on the Black which is a deep plum colour with quite brown looking undertones. This is not my usual colour but I spotted this recently in a discount store so thought I might as well  bring it home with me!

On my ring finger I painted just one coat of Silver Foil by Barry M and once that was dry I added one coat of Chalk Dust by Maybelline. This is the only black and white glitter topper I own but I love it and the coverage is brilliant (no dabbing).

Lastly I stamped the word LOVE onto my middle finger and voila a finished skittlette with textured accents!

Check back throughout the week to see what else I can come up with :-)

Lou xx


  1. so beautiful <3 great combination :)

  2. These are great Lou, I love how it has a sort of rock chick vibe to it! I have a couple of these textures but I'm just so unsure when it comes to textures.. I'll have to dig them out! Stamping is perfect as always :) xx

  3. Thanks Ithi :). Now you mention it these are a little rock chick style! I love them even more now! Ha ha xx