Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Two in One: Green and Blue Nails

Happy Hump Day lovelies

Regular followers may feel a little de ja vu looking at this mani but I assure you its all new and created especially for this post. I have in fact shown you these colours and prints in the past but this is the first time I put them together and I love how it looks...

The polishes used for my base colours are Green with Envy by Rimmel on my index and little fingers with Ink Stain by NYC on my middle and ring fingers.

Using Barry M Silver Foil - must buy a back up very soon - I stamped butterflies

Using Konad White I stamped my all time favourite design.. filigree

Opposites attract! :-)

With the flash on
I love this look, so much so that I am going to make myself nail polish rings to match these nails at the weekend

Lou xx


  1. Very pretty color!! The stamping looks stunning Xx

    1. Thanks Janet. I really enjoying stamping, it's the freehand stuff I find very challenging :) x