Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines Nails: Pink, Coral and Gold

Good evening lovelies!

Time for another Valentine's installment :-).This one I really liked and meant I got to use two very pretty colours from my current untrieds stash. I really love combining shades of pink and orange together so this manicure was a win win for me!

I started by painting my full nail with two coats of Rimmel In Style Coral. This pretty summery colour is one of my favourite shades of Coral and a complete bargain to me as I got it from good old Poundland :-)

Then using Rimmel Be A Star I painted just half of each nail. This is a very pretty pink and I love how these two colours work together. Also having this line running down the length of my nail made my nails look longer.

Flash on

I added one quick coat of Northern Lights Gold Hologram top coat - to aid drying time and also add a nice little sparkle.

Finally using Barry M Gold Foil I stamped a line of hearts up each nail using part of this full heart design which is perfect for Valentines.

I hope you like this finished design? Have you been busy planning something special for Valentine's Day?

Mr LiPP and I are going to celebrate on Friday night so we can chill out and not worry about work the next day :-)

Louise xx