Thursday, 7 February 2013

Orly Perfect Pairs: 4: Copper

Good evening lovelies!

Time for another Orly Perfect Pair. This one is a beauty! I wasn't expecting to like this polish let alone love it but I am so glad I was proven wrong.

This is Flicker and Watch It Glitter... this polish was just begging to be shot outside in the winter sun :-)

Just look at the below stunning swatch of Orly Flicker... I will pause whilst you make oooh and aaah noises!

Flicker is a gorgeous metallic copper shimmery polish. In the below pictures you can see two perfect thin coats with no top coat.

On my other hand is Orly Watch It Glitter. A really pretty rose gold glitter topper that I must add to my collection in the future. I think this would look stunning over navy or a deep teal.

Here we have the Perfect Pairs still as individuals...

Once combined these two polishes really brought out the best in each other. Copper, Rose and Gold... a metallic feast :-)

Here are a couple of the pictures I took for Hayleys promotional campaign...

I adore these white lilies. Mr LiPP buys them for me :-). The flowers are massive once they are fully in bloom and last for a good 10 days, our house smells fantastic right now.

Do you like this finished look? Do you own any of the Orly Fired Up or Glam FX collections? So far I have found all of them to be gorgeous.

Louise xx