Saturday, 9 February 2013

Valentines Nails: Bright Red and White

Good evening lovelies

Love is all around but especially on my nails :-)

Time for my second installment of Valentines nail art. It is the perfect occasion for a beautiful manicure and I am loving the chance to use colours and stamps that are romantically themed. I decided to use Barry M Bright Red as the main colour in this manicure after using it on my friend Elly for her masquerade ball nails. It looked stunning with her black dress and red lipstick :-).

Here are my 'love is all around' nails...

I started with a base of Barry M Bright Red which although they look a little orange toned in these pictures is actually the truest brightest red in my whole collection.

Using Konad White I stamped the heart design onto all nails except my ring finger. It was a little hard to get it lined up in the centre of each nail but rather than obsess over it I decided to leave them exactly as they came out at my first attempt.

For my thumb nail I used a dotted heart outline pattern from plate CH 15.

Finally on my ring finger I added the word LOVE from plate BM 09

How do you like this look? I am loving the red and white together :-)

Tomorrow we are off to see my sister-in-law and beautiful niece, Millie. The doggies are away at my friend Sarah's for a sleep over. They will be spoiled rotten and it means Mr LiPP and I don't have to rush back so can have a lovely day catching up and hopefully a nice lunch out somewhere.

Louise xx


  1. I love these :-) the red and white look bright n fresh and of corse it's all about love this week! See u 2mora cnt wait love u both xxxx love mrs crouch

  2. Very pretty! Perfect for Valentine's Day!

  3. Looks amazing :X